Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Something In The Woodshed 

“No honestly, I heard it again”

“No I’m not making it up so that you’ll cut short your holiday and head on home. It’s just that I definitely heard something”

“No I’m not imagining things”

“Well don’t say I didn’t warn you when you get back to headline news that the bogeyman did exist after all and was living in your garden shed”

“Yeh ok, I am being childish”

“No it doesn’t matter. Really. I’m just being silly”

“OK thanks. See you when you get back. Enjoy the rest of your stay”

So that’s the thanks I got for looking after things around here. I didn't even get chance to mention the creaking floorboards upstairs. But then again I'm probably just letting my imagination run away with itself.

Anyway, I'd better crack on with alphabeticising the CDs and chucking out anything in the kitchen cupboards with a best before of pre 1979.

Posted by Leanne

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