Friday, October 01, 2004

Poor Misguided Fool 

You may remember Tim’s story about the Kinder Egg – sits pride of place on it’s own shelf in the fridge due to the fact that not only has Badly Drawn Boy had his mitts on it, but he’s also scrawled his signature over the wrapper.

Well, as Tim mentioned, I’ve been trying to persuade him to put it on Ebay – it’d go for a fortune I’m sure. Tim wasn’t quite so sure – until I told him a couple of my Ebay stories.

One of the most ludicrous involves a pair of socks and towards the end of this entry you’ll no doubt be under the impression that I’m a tight git. It’s not true – I’m just intrigued by the way some people are just too happy to part with their money in exchange for crap.

Last Christmas someone bought me a pair of footie socks. Plain, white and non-descript. Approx. £1.99 from most high street sports shops. And yes of course they could have gone to charity but instead they just got thrown on the ‘must put on Ebay’ pile.

I eventually got round to it and put them on at an ambitious starting price of 20p. The days ticked by and not surprisingly a couple of page hits appeared but no bids. Then, as if long, white, knee length footie socks were about to become collectors’ items, the bids rushed in. The final winning bid, a ridiculous £8 + P&P!

I didn’t question it but envisioned an e-mail a couple of days later saying, ‘really sorry, these aren’t for me, thought they were those long, white, knee length footie socks that are about to become collectors items, can I have my money back please?’. Instead, the e-mail said, ‘Great item, thanks very much, do you have any more to sell?’!

Now this proves that I’m not tight – no I didn’t rush down to my local JJB to stock up on a footie teams worth of cheap crap socks so I could flog them to him at £8 a throw. No – I sent him an e-mail suggesting he pops down to his local JJB to save himself a fortune.

Yes I know I should have sold him a footie teams worth of £8 socks and given the proceeds to charity – but whilst not tight, I am incredibly lazy and just couldn’t be bothered with the hassle.

But back to the egg. I’m very tempted to do him a favour and get the egg listed and sold in time for their return. Only problem is it’s not Tim’s, it’s the Girlfriend’s. She’d kill me (final bid price permitting). Oh well, I’ll have a think and maybe I’ll do it anyway.

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