Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Something To Talk About 

After all this tidying and sorting out (of which I’m sure Tim’ll be so pleased) I thought it was time for a well-earned rest so I decided to settle down with a nice brew and a good book. When I went to get the milk the ‘Egg’ was nowhere to be seen although I’m sure Tim said that it lived on the top shelf of the fridge (maybe he took it with him to show off to the people of America).

So anyway, it was a good job I’d decided not to put it on Ebay – which was purely down to last Sunday’s rain soaked afternoon showing my support for women’s football. It wasn’t fun standing on the edge of the pitch in the absolute pouring rain with zero visibility and mud seeping through my trainers hollering 'Come On You Whites', but as I used to be a player myself I felt that I’d better show willing (when I say 'player' I mean that I used to go to training, played in a few matches and scored a few goals but gave up in the end due to not being able to take the pace). Anyway, there were about ten of us in total cheering the team along one of which was Damon Gough, aka Badly Drawn Boy and sponsor of the footie team. I was chatting to him about this and that and then in a momentary lapse of sense (or so I thought at the time) I stupidly mentioned the kinder egg story, thereby scuppering my chance to auction it off (I was worried that he may pop onto Ebay every so often just to check out his popularity status by seeing how much BDB memorabilia is going for).
So in the end it seems that it was a stroke of luck that I got absolutely drenched and got chatting to Badly Drawn Boy about the egg, despite the drawbacks.

Anyway, I’m off to settle down to a grim black coffee (the milk was strangely off even though I only bought it a day ago) and to read ‘Everything Is Illuminated’ that I found on the shelf and that I recall Tim recommending in a post some time ago.

The score was 2-0 to ‘us’ by the way.

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