Friday, May 27, 2005

"Wha? Snore... burble... SAUSAGES!" 

I had a dream where i was running down corridors, late for something. It was a school, empty and my footsteps echoed *pit pat pit pat*. This lasted awhile, then i can't remember what happened, but there was a gap of nothing and a jump, and i was in a room. It's my ex's bedroom, and he's pushing me onto the bed, but instead of fighting him, i'm letting him, wanting him. We fall into bed together and it's so intense, but i woke up suddenly.
Thing is, i was in bed with my current partner, and i used to talk in my sleep !!!!!!
I hate it when i have dreams like that and am petrified i've said something.
Damn dreams.

[by anon (for obvious reasons)]

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