Friday, July 30, 2010

Girl On A Train 

It's finally here!
Only thirty odd years in the making but my first ever CD – or should I say “debut release?” - is finally up for sale. And I can honestly say I'm pretty pleased with how it's turned out.

There were 500 of the blighters piled up in my Attic Studio Complex at one point. I've got it down to 471 now, following some purchases by friends and lovely people on Twitter. I've also given a few away as freebies.

I've always enjoyed the idea of music as a cottage industry and it's exciting to think I've now got one of my own. But it's also a bit troubling. At what point does “ridiculous and expensive vanity project” become a “bold putting-your-money-where-your-mouth-is statement of artistic intent”?
On the one hand I'm not too worried, because it sounds pretty much how I wanted it to and the feedback so far has been generally more than favourable.
But all the same... in the wee small hours, the sound of 471 unsold CDs taunting and whispering “You bloody fool! You should have kept hold of your money! Or spent it on cheese or something worthwhile” isn't something I'd wish on anyone.

Here's the embarrassing sales pitch bit: I need to shift 200 to break even. Then and only then might I allow myself to make another one, which I'd love to. I've some way to go. So in the spirit of artistic patronage, I'm not so much inviting you to purchase or download one of my CDs, but begging you. Even if you've no interest in music at all, it would be the compassionate thing to do. Please have mercy on me, for I am singer/songwriting buffoon who doesn't deserve your pity or money but is asking for it anyway, especially your money. Your soul will rest more easily tonight, etc.

There are five songs – Girl On A Train; She Is Gone; Oh Come On Beautiful; Happiness; and A Free Man In Preston (hmm, that name sounds familiar) - and they're available as downloads across all the “iTunes territories”.
As an aside, Stella, my eighties style yuppie witch of a team leader squeals with delight whenever I say “all the iTunes territories.” Just saying.
They cost 79p in the UK, 99 cents in the US, likewise in Canada, 99 cents in the Eurozone, $1.79 in New Zealand and so on.
Check your local iTunes store for further prices. You'll need to search for “Idiot Johnson”.
Here's what it looks like at the UK store.

Alternatively – and how exciting is this? - you can buy the physical CD for £4 plus postage and packing (rather attractively packaged in a jewel case with some nice photos taken by yours truly) and get a free download while you're waiting for it to be delivered, straight from Idiot Johnson Direct.
The additional benefits of taking the Idiot Johnson Direct route are
1) that you'll get a handwritten letter of pathetically grovelling gratitude from me personally, and I will be your bitch for all eternity
2) you'll be helping to reduce the mountain of CDs in my room
3) I get to keep more of the money myself, rather than Apple taking a generous slice of your cash. Which would be appreciated.
Click here to purchase a CD directly from me. Thank you.

As if your appetite couldn't be any more whetted, here are a couple of videos that the outrageously talented Lucy Pepper has made.
Sorry for the more than slightly spammy nature of this post, but I trust you'll understand that knees must, etc. Just think of 471 CDs whispering unkind remarks in my ear while I'm trying to sleep. Thank you in anticipation of your amazing generosity. And tell your friends. It means all the world to me, so cheers.

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