Saturday, October 02, 2010

Live! In Concert! 

Fans of the whole Idiot Johnson phenomenon (ie. me singing with a guitar or piano but never both at the same time) may be mildly interested to know that I have a gig coming up.
A gig!

It will be on Saturday October 16th at the Yorkshire House, Lancaster.
It's a cracking venue – previous superstars to have graced it's stage include Rachel Unthank And The Winterset and that bloke out of I Am Kloot – so you'll appreciate I'm quite excited by this.
Other acts on that evening will be Ottersgear, The Low Countries and someone I don't know called Sam who plays the banjo. The running order has yet to be confirmed. I expect I'll be playing for 30 minutes or so, maybe 32.
Admission price will be £3, I think, and the fun will probably start at 8.30-ish or thereabouts.

It'll be pay on the door and the place holds about 100 people. Whether that many show up is very doubtful but at the same time if you are thinking of coming along – and I'd genuinely love it if you would– you might want to bear that in mind.
If you're in the vicinity and can make it along, do come and say hello. Yorkshire House gigs are always good entertainment and I'll be glad of all the support you can muster. There's a car park just across the road too.

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