Thursday, March 11, 2004

It Started With A Kiss 

Email from Girlfriend:
11/03/2004 10:34

Our phones are all broke!
woo hoo!!!
ps i haven't got your email yet

Reply from me:
11/03/2004 10:50

Mmm, I wonder what became of it.
You can always just go to the Guardian weblog - a weblog that is a guide to
weblogs, as it were. If you're allowed.
Silence is golden.

Reply from Girlfriend:
11/03/2004 10:58

I spoke to soon.
those clever technicians have got it all fixed.
Still, it was one hour and 15 minutes of tranquil serenity.
ps how is your superior sense of comedy this morning.
i haven't made anybody laugh yet.

Reply from me:
11/03/2004 11:12

I haven't spoken to anybody yet, so I guess you're ahead of me there.

Reply from Girlfriend:
11/03/2004 11:12

That makes me feel sad for you!
ps shall i ring you up?

Reply from me:
11/03/2004 11:33

As soon as I sent that I had a small flurry of speakage.
Somebody called Lisa sent an email saying that I still hadn't corrected an
incorrect entry on last weeks timesheet. In fact I had, on three separate
occasions since three separate people had asked. So I rang her to get to
the bottom of it. I've spent more time on the issue of the incorrect time
entry than I actually spent doing the work that the time was incorrectly
entered for.
And I've just been to the brew room with Mike too.
And I have said hello to Harry who has made one his very rare trips
into the office today, although he's disappeared again now, so maybe I just
imagined it.
So no need for sadness related sympathy really.

Reply from Girlfriend:
11/03/2004 11:35

that sounds like a call centre confidential entry - you're not doing a
weblog are you?

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