Thursday, March 25, 2004

It's Just Another Day 

Email from Girlfriend:
25/03/2004 10:34

So have the nasty people stopped laughing at you now?

Reply to Girlfriend:
25/03/2004 11:15

Yeah, its been pretty normal so far. I’ve found two pairs of ladies’ pants in my cupboard. One pair of boxers, with Homer Simpson on them, smelling faintly of lavender, so that could have been worse. Two girls from apps support have asked me out, one who might have been serious, I’m not sure. One marriage proposal from lovely Kath in the kitchen, but I think that was a joke, because, well, I’ve already told you about Kath. We’ve both been invited to a bondage evening in Whittle-le-Woods by Mike and Sue Cosgrove (directors no less - you met them at the Christmas do, they‘re nice actually) and my Mum rang up and called me Mr. Love Pants, which is odd because she wasn’t included in the original email. I turned down the invite by the way. Its next Thursday and Friends is on.

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