Friday, March 12, 2004

I've Seen This Happen In Other Peoples Lives And Now Its Happening In Mine 

I spend the whole day hypnotised by Derek's sinister screensaver. Once you make eye contact with it, its got you under its evil spell, and there's no point in trying to fight it. By the time you come round, everybody's gone home and you're sitting in a pool of glistening dribble, cold and alone in a dark, cavernous office. You're now in a place where even Rex the security guard fears to tread. Vital reports have gone unwritten, customers with forgotten passwords have themselves become forgotten, emails are ignored. Deadlines have come and gone down the pub, and are now slumped in a heap by the bar, lifeless, expired.
I switch off my PC, and faster than you can say Windows 2000, I'm out of the building and burning rubber. Then I release the handbrake and make my way home. Sorry about that.
Girlfriend is out on the alcopops tonight, so I grab something quick to eat and dash up to my Attic Studio Complex to create some Great Art. I strum a few chords while all the banks of fancy equipment fizz into life, but I soon remember that I've left my bloody muse on the desk at work and I'm useless without it. I spend the evening googlewhacking instead.

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