Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Oops I Did It Again 

Email from me to whole company:
24/03/2004 09:21

Hey Sexy,
I was supposed to have picked up the tickets this morning, wasn’t I? Can you drop me a line just in case you’ve got them, otherwise I’ll pop home at lunchtime to get them. You must be v. busy - your phone is constantly engaged.
Really looking forward to tonight.
In fact, you might be interested to learn that I’m wearing my special Pants Of Love. Just a warning.

Email from me to girlfriend:
24/03/2004 12:14

Is your email on the blink again today? This is my second attempt. I need to know if you’ve got the tickets. I forgot them. I’ll go home now and get them if I need to.

Reply from girlfriend:
24/03/2004 12:17

No, I’ve not got the tickets. They’re in the drawer.
Our email has been fine all day. What did your first one say?

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