Wednesday, March 17, 2004


From a certain angle, Terry's bruise looks like Bart Simpson in silhouette.
He arrives late this morning, and is behaving out of character. His vocabulary is littered with words he would never have dreamed of using before today. He facilitates this, and expedites that. He obfuscates all over the place. It's as if he's dislodged his inner thesaurus. I'm still concerned, and insist that I take him to A&E for a check up. Besides, it's a slow day in the office, and now I've had a taste of being somewhere other than my desk during daylight hours, I want more. But he demurs this idea, and my plans are repudiated.
"We thought we'd nearly lost you there, big guy" I tell him, and give him a thump on the arm.
"Yeah, I accede that", he replies and thumps me back. It hurts like hell.

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