Tuesday, April 20, 2004

OK Computer 

vmstat Command


Reports virtual memory statistics.


vmstat [ -f ] [ -i ] [ -s ] [ PhysicalVolume ... ] [ Interval [ Count ] ]


The vmstat command reports statistics about kernel threads, virtual memory, disks, traps and CPU activity. Reports generated by the vmstat command can be used to balance system load activity. These system-wide statistics (among all processors) are calculated as averages for values expressed as percentages, and as sums otherwise. Bloody hell, I'm starving.

If the vmstat command is invoked without flags, the report contains a summary of the virtual memory activity since system startup. If the -f flag is specified, the vmstat command reports the number of forks since system startup. What time is it? The PhysicalVolume parameter specifies the name of the physical volume. It must be dinner time soon.

The Interval parameter specifies the amount of time in seconds between each report. The first report contains statistics for the time since system startup. Subsequent reports contain statistics collected during the interval since the previous report. I think I'll skip going for a run today. Can't be arsed.
If the Interval parameter is not specified, the vmstat command generates a single report and then exits. The Count parameter can only be specified with the Interval parameter. Sweet baby Jesus, she looks awesome with ponytails. If the Count parameter is specified, its value determines the number of reports generated and the number of seconds apart. If the Interval parameter is specified without the Count parameter, reports are continuously generated. A Count parameter of 0 is not allowed. Bugger. I've left my sandwiches at home.

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