Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Cheer When You Want Me To Stop 

She said "Kissing boys is just a waste of time."
I said "You think so?" She said "Yeah yeah. You can show me yours, you're not seeing mine."
I said "You're funny." She said "Yeah yeah."

Stupid is as stupid does, and will be til the day I drop. Let me show you what else I can do - cheer when you want me to stop.

I said "You're sexy. Hey, you should go far, I really think so."
She said "Yeah yeah. Just keep your wandering hands, boy, off my bra."
I said "Who me?" She said "Yeah yeah."

"Think about the fun we've had together. Think about it going on forever. We can do it if we really want to, we can do it if we really want to. At least one of us really wants to."

"Kissing girls makes you feel alright. It's good fun, yeah yeah. That's why I'm going on the pull tonight."
I said "Can I come?" She said "Get lost."

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