Monday, May 17, 2004

In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country 

Girlfriend and me weekended (does anybody ever actually say “weekended”? It sounds like something rich Americans do. “We weekended with the Kennedy’s at Cape Prohibitively Posh.”) at a friend of Girlfriend’s out in the middle of nowhere. If you’ve ever been to Beyond, this place is right at the back.

Now I’m quite chuffed about the two coal tits that we’ve managed to tempt into our garden. I’m as pleased by their visits as I am about the visitors who drop by from time to time at this blog.
But our friend’s house is in a different league. Its like the BBC News page of Ornithology. There are house martins in the roof (it’s happy hour again!) owls in the barn (though we didn’t see them on this trip) and all manner of creatures ornithological generally darting about in all directions. There is even a buzzard living locally. We went for a walk and were nearly knocked flying by a pair of chaffinches, who I think were recreating a scene from The Battle Of Britain. "Damnbusters!" I shouted at them, shaking my fist in the air, as I mopped up spilt ice cream off my T-shirt.

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