Monday, May 24, 2004

I’ve Been To A Marvellous Party 

“Something peculiar happened at the weekend.”
“Oh God. Do I really want to hear this?” replied Diana, stirring her coffee.
“I went to a party on Saturday.”
“Now that is peculiar. You’re normally such a miserable git.”
“Shut up. One of Girlfriend’s friends had a house warming. There were loads of people there, and I chatted to quite a lot of them, including some I’d heard about but never met before, and I had a really good time and didn’t feel at all like a quiet bloke who sits in the corner not knowing anybody.”
“This just gets weirder and weirder. You’ll be blogging about this then?”
“Well I’m coming to that. I was talking to a girl called Leanne, and she called me Tim a couple of times and kept smiling to herself. And as you well know, my real name isn’t Tim.”
“Yes, I don’t why you don’t use your real name. There’s nothing wrong with being called Engelbert.”
“Very funny, Ermintrude,” I replied, and flicked some sugar down her blouse, which is not what I actually meant to do, honestly. And its not a euphemism, either.
“So I’m sure she knows about my blog. And if she knows, then it’s a certainty that Girlfriend knows too. They’re good friends. But I still haven’t got round to telling her about it. The longer I leave it, the harder it is to bring it up.”
“Oh for fuck’s sake, you nerdy moron! You’ve got to tell her! It’s not like there’s anything bad in it.”
“Yes I know. It’s pathetic.”
“And the fact you’ve not told her about it is pretty lame too. Now look, if you don’t tell her by the end of this week, then I’m going to.” And to emphasise the point, she whacked me on the knuckles with her coffee spoon. That’s not a euphemism either.
“Ouch! But you don’t even know each other.”
“We will soon.” Another whack. “That’s your ultimatum. JFDI.”
“It was very strange,” I said staring at the clouds in my coffee. “I was dying to talk to Leanne about blogs. I really think she should do one. I reckon it’d be dead good. Oh and by the way, ouch again. Please stop doing that.”

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