Tuesday, May 11, 2004


Today’s blog is a cry for help.
Nothing new there, you might reply, you cheeky young scamps, and I’m hardly in much of a position to persuade you otherwise.

But no. Really. I’m after some recommendations. I’ve recently managed to secure for Girlfriend and myself two tickets to see Belle and Sebastian at Somerset House in July. This is dead exciting. We both love Belle and Sebastian so much that we’d adopt them if we could (and have the cooky Scottish hipsters running errands for us too - fetching stuff from the shops, washing up, nothing too strenuous.)
And I’ve seen Somerset House on the telly. It might have been a gardening programme, and I think it showed Royksopp playing there, and I’ve wanted to pay it a visit ever since. So the prospect of going there to see B&S is double fab, and generally something to look forward to.

I’ve only ever really been to London to sit in draughty computer rooms and then make a hasty retreat back to The North. So I thought we’d make a bit of a weekend of it (the concert is on a Saturday evening) and become tourists.
But how do you start? Where do you go? Who do you need to know?
I quite fancy seeing the Tate Modern and the National Portrait Museum. There’s a photography gallery I’d like to see, the name of which escapes me at the moment, but its probably “The Photography Gallery” or something similarly pithy.
Is the London Eye worth bothering with?
A browse around Camden Market? A stroll through a park?

So I need help, and I’d like your suggestions, if that’s alright.
Better still, I’d like an itinerary and two packed lunches to go with it, but I realise that’s probably pushing it.
Your comments, as always, very much appreciated.

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