Monday, July 12, 2004

Good Morning Judge 

I was taken hostage at the weekend. Dave, my imaginary publisher came round and wouldn’t let me leave my Attic Studio Complex until I’d finished my song for the Radio 2 competition.
I once read that Phil Spector used to wave a shotgun about in the studio as a method of ensuring that his clients performed to the best of their abilities. Maybe this is just standard music industry practice.
Nobody said it would be easy being the nation’s foremost song writing talent, so perhaps this is a sign that I’m finally getting somewhere.

Here’s a photo of Dave sitting in my chair. Notice the obligatory cables all over the place, just like the ones you see in pictures of Abbey Road. To the right there is some equipment with flashing lights. If you recognise any of it and know how to make it work, drop me a line.

I did get it finished though. I’ve re-recorded Hanging Around, with infinitesimally different bits and bobs added on. Next I need to fill in the entrance form and make up some interesting things to say about myself. I wonder if I should point them to this blog. What do you think?

Rest assured that once it’s been posted off, I’ll be asking you to do some finger crossing on it’s behalf. You have been warned.
And in the unlikely case of you knowing any of the judges, (or maybe you are one of the judges, in which case - Hi, you’re looking great! Been working out?) I’ll be expecting you to offer bribes and sexual favours in order to help them see the true worth of my work.
I believe this is also standard music industry practice.
If it all works out, I’ll see to it that your efforts don’t go unrewarded.

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