Tuesday, July 27, 2004

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out 

"Woah there, Nelly! Where are you taking me now?"
"Never you mind, my pretty. I've got some important business to attend to."

I'd taken a hard right at the traffic lights, a little too quickly. We usually go straight ahead.
We both leaned into the bend like we were the Schumacher brothers at Post Office Corner. For a moment, her hair brushed against my shoulder. I have to admit I found it quite exciting.

Later, as we watched the shoppers and the diners in the cafe at Supermarket X, Diana, Head of Marketing said, "That was your song, wasn't it? In the jiffy bag?"
A fat lad in a yellow jacket wrestled a huge crocodile of trolleys across the car park. Sweat was dripping off him. I nodded.

"Don't look so worried. It'll be fine."
"I feel a bit deflated now," I said, staring into my soup. "Bereft of purpose."
She touched my hand. "Something else will come up soon. You know it will. Mark my words."

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