Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Beat Surrender 

She stared at where the ceiling used to be.
“It was Neil. I had to bring him down somehow,” I explained, pointing at the cricket bat.
Diana nodded.
“Riiiiight.” She tiptoed through the rubble. “So when does the new boss start?”
“Monday. She’s coming from Company Z.”
“We’re nicking staff from Company Z again? Ha! That’ll teach them, the arrogant…”
“Totally,” I yelped, ducking as she picked up the bat and swung it around her head.
“So is Neil having a leaving do?”
“He’s already left. Technically we’re a bit late for that. Ouch!”
“But he’s only downstairs,” she reasoned. “You should organise something.”
“What are doing next Thursday?”
She landed a hefty whack on my arm. “Manchester?”
“Great,” I said. “I’ll tell Neil and the others. Bloody stop that, will you?”
“Oops! Sorry,” she said. “Just thinking about Company Z makes me so cross.”
“Ouch! Stop it!”
“It wasn’t me that time.”
“Well it wasn’t Ian bloody Botham, was it?”
“Oh yes,” she smiled.
“You’re right. It was me, wasn’t it?”

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