Monday, August 16, 2004

Careless Whisper 

“Wild boys! Wild boys!”
“Wild boys!”
“Good morning, boss. You look happy.”
Stella skipped round the office. “I never knew you guys were such party animals! Thursday was brilliant!”
“Erm. Yeah. It was a good night,” I mumbled. If I hadn’t already been sat down, I’d have sat down.
Terry looked up from reading the sports pages, interested to see how this was going to pan out.
Even Mike stopped eating for a moment.

“Me and Tabs got absolutely shitfaced! Mind you, we were off our tits before we’d even got on the train!”
“Shitfaced,” I nodded in agreement. “Completely.”
“Then we drank a load more on the train. It’s a miracle we found you at all.”
“Yeah, we wondered if you’d have trouble tracking us down.”
“God! What was that bar we went to that played Duran Duran all night?”
“Don’t forget there was Spandau Ballet as well.”
“Don’t wake me up before you go-go! I love that song.”
“And Kajagoogoo.”
“I’d never have thought you guys would be such good dancers. You act like such nerds in the office.”
“Yeah, well…” we muttered simultaneously.
“You certainly hide your bushels under your lights, you dark horses!”
“Empty vessels make the most noise,” Terry chipped in.
“God yeah, Terry! Tabs was well taken with you!”

Terry, who would have made the Olympic blushing team if it weren‘t for his steroids, turned bright red.
“She showed me some of the texts you sent over the weekend, you horny old goat.”
Terry let out a small squeak and looked ready to combust.
“She can’t wait ‘til Saturday.” And she winked at him knowingly.
“Shitfaced,” he murmured nervously. “Totally shitfaced.”

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