Tuesday, August 31, 2004

New York Minute 

Hello Alexa,

It was kind of you to write and say nice things about A Free Man In Preston.

I feel like I’ve been blogging for absolutely ages, but it’s not really that long in the grand scheme of blogs. This is my 97th post. I should do something to mark my 100th post - crack a bottle of champagne against the side of my PC or something.
I still enjoy writing this stuff and hope that it shows.

I took a look at your site and wish you well with it.
It’s incredibly gratifying to get visitors dropping by, and maybe this little plug will send a few over.

I see that you read Belle de Jour. She or he or they has taken a lot of crap over here - I don’t know if you read any of it.
I still have a soft spot for that blog as it’s one of a small handful I read before starting my own.
I think the writing is great. I’m not arsed whether or not it really is written by a London call girl. I quite like the thought of it being written in a staff room by bored and bearded school teachers, puffing on pipes and whiling away dreary lunch breaks. Possibly in Inverness.
Who knows - maybe one day your blog will take off and also be the focus of speculation about it’s authenticity. If you do make stacks of money - either from a book deal or other immoral earnings - please remember to look back and think of me kindly.

Thanks for asking about Terry and Tabatha.
It’s all gone a bit quiet on that front.
From eavesdropping on Stella today, I got the impression that Tabs and Doppelganger Terry still see each other now and again. But it’s nothing serious. Apparently. Yet. I’ll tell Terry when I see him tomorrow. Poor lad is shitting himself.

Anyway, thanks for writing. Good luck and take care of yourself,


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