Sunday, September 26, 2004

Can You Dig It? 

Well I said I was on my way. The fact that I’ve got here is largely thanks to my secret knowledge of backroads. Yep it’s true, following the micro-blogmeet Tim and I held at the Wacky Warehouse (two grown men in a ballpool making furious notes is a sight to behold I can tell you... in fact at one point it all became too much...), I’m laden with instructions and keen as mustard to get on with the job.

To be honest, I’m itching to get into the Attic Studio Complex, more than anything else. Reckon I might be able to rustle up a pocket symphony on Tim’s kazoo before he gets back to where he once belonged. However, I’ve got to get into the place first and without a key, AFMIP Towers might as well be Fort Knox. In fact, according to the postman, ‘it’s like the bleeding Bank of England’.

Well listen, I’m sure it was when we were shimmying down the fireman’s pole when Tim told me the whereabouts of the spare key…. But can I remember?

Listen some more. I think we were scooting down the death-slide (7 and overs only please) when I made it quite clear that I wouldn’t be doing any digging. Now, here I am, scooping out mulch from the borders looking in all the obvious places and coming up with zip.

There’s the shed of course. Maybe if I can just squeeze in there I might be able to find a spare key under a watering can, inside a trug or, maybe, next to a dibber…

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