Sunday, September 19, 2004

One Plus One Is One 

Do you own any rock memorabilia? And if so, where do you keep it? Stuffed away at the back of the wardrobe? In the kitchen drawer with the out of date coupons? In a glass fronted trophy cabinet?

How about in the fridge? That’s where Girlfriend keeps her Kinder Egg signed by Badly Drawn Boy .
It’s been there since September 8th. It’s presence was sort of funny at first, but where do you draw the line? It can’t stay there forever, can it? Leanne and Charlie think she should flog it on ebay. I’m not one for sentimentality - good Lord not me - but even I find that a little mercenary. Should she just eat the bloody thing and keep the wrapper, which is after all the bit with the writing on it? It reveals little or nothing about Badly Drawn Boy and his mighty fine work. As a memento of the evening, it has miniscule value, as it was chucked into the audience by the support act Rebelski during their set, and not by the man himself. As artefacts go, it’s pants.

Anyway, since you ask, the concert was every bit as good as I hoped it would be. He played all the songs from One Plus One Is One in sequence, which is great, and then did a “hits” set after an interval.
One lucky couple, Sam and Steve, even enjoyed the rare honour of being married on stage by their favourite troubadour, and that‘s not something many people can lay claim to.

He seemed quite nervous at first, but loosened up as the gig progressed. He’s got a terse dry wit which, erm, some might say skirts very closely to the fringes of arrogance - phew, I said it - but for me it only adds to his gruff likeableness. By the end it felt like watching some chancer busking his way through a pub gig. There were even benches and a drinks laden table on stage where the band would sit during solo spots, so in a way I guess it was just that.

The rather posh and grand Bridgewater Hall in Manchester was - and still is I hope - magnificent too, bringing the boozey pub atmosphere into what your poncey art critic might term “sharp relief.”

So all in all it was a brilliant evening’s entertainment and sorry I’m late with my homework. Now what about that badly drawn egg? Any ideas? A wedding gift for Sam and Steve?

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