Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Senses Working Overtime 

“Company X, Stella speaking.
Oh hi Tabs, how are you dahhhling?
Nothing much. Still trying to make sense of these bloody spreadsheets, actually. Yeah. Freakin’ lunatic.

Christmas? How do you mean? Oh, right. That’ll be Tim. He stinks of the bloody stuff. Says he's having it pulled tomorrow.

You haven’t? Did you? Last night? Did you really? You didn't. Piss off Tabs, you're pulling my todger. Really? But what about Terry? Is that all off now? Right. He seemed alright when I saw him this morning. No, he’s gone off to the Arrogant Tossers Co. in Manchester for a meeting. Tim’s in, but he won’t say anything. No. Terry? Didn’t say much, but none of them ever do. Boring bastards.

You still going for that job? The one I told you about, you dozy bitch! Here, on reception! They’re interviewing next week. So fill the bloody form in then! Now! What? I’ll come round tonight then, alright? Yes, I have got a pen. Silly cow. Did you really do that? OhmyGod, what are you like? You are so going to get a dose.

Listen, gotta go now dahhhling, the freakin’ loony’s come in to see me. Batman outfit. Yeah, I’ll bring a bottle. Love you too, yeah? Ciao baby. Later.”

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