Wednesday, September 01, 2004

They Were All Yellow 

I was doing quite nicely, thank you.
Getting a bit of a sweat on, heart beat pumping good and steady, feeling slightly but not unpleasantly out of breath.

But they had to keep whizzing past me, didn’t they?
Whizz! There goes one!
Whizz! Oh look! Another one!
Whizz! It was one continuous geriatric blur!

“Coffin dodgers!” I yelled after them, but they didn’t hear me on account of already being fifty metres away.

Mine is all squeaky and covered in rust. Theirs were shiny lightweight state of the art 21st Century techno-racers, probably dreamed up by NASA scientists on slow days at the office. They had skinny go fast tires and more gears than me.

It wasn’t a level playing field. It wasn’t fair. I need a new bike.

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