Saturday, October 09, 2004

Bizarre Love Triangle 

Every time I think about last night, I blush.

Wearing only my comfy slippers and some rather fetching underwear, I had opened the Tadpole's cupboard door to fetch something, I forget what, and


suddenly I was sitting on that cursed exercise bike in the ASC.

But this time I was NOT ALONE. There was a complete stranger - a male - tinkering with Tim's fancy recording studio gadgetry. And as Tim wasn't due back until Sunday at least, I correctly supposed it could only be Monsieur Backroads.

We were both speechless momentarily, but backroads found his voice first.

'You must be petite anglaise I take it?' he said, trying but failing to make eye contact.

'Ahem. Yes. And I think you've met a little more of me than was strictly necessary' I replied, blushing a deep shade of beetroot and trying in vain to preserve a little modesty with crossed arms. 'I'll, erm, just go and see if I can find a bathrobe or something...'

At that moment, the door to the ASC opened and there standing staring at us in amazement was a foxy (but fully clothed) lady who could only be the famous Leanne. I skulked off without further ado to make myself decent, leaving backroads to introduce himself and explain to Leanne that despite appearances, it was all perfectly innocent really.

When I got back, wearing a lovely soft white towelling bathrobe which I had found hanging on the back of the bedroom door, Leanne and backroads were rejoicing at the discovery of a well-stocked mini-bar.

My memories of the evening are a bit hazy from that point onwards, but I remember we started off singing along to some of Tim's music and compositions and then progressed to improvisations and the actual recording of tracks (which we thought were inspired at the time, but I sincerely hope were deleted).

I keep getting flashbacks of myself standing on the futon singing my heart out into a (hairbrush) microphone while backroads played guitar and Leanne accompanied us on the triangle, swinging from the ceiling on a trapeze that I hadn't noticed previously.

But that can't be right. Must be my mind playing tricks on me.

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