Thursday, October 07, 2004

Don't look back in Hamburg 

I know that there's someone else knocking around but so keen am I to get into the ASC that I through caution to the wind and sneak upstairs. I have to say, what a sterling job Tim's done in converting this place... I really am quite jealous. The complete set of Q magazines is also quite daunting and I randomly pick out a couple to peruse whilst I'm collapsed on the futon. It's funny how Paul 'Thumbs Aloft' McCartney featured in more or less every issue from 1987 to 1998. I half expected a couple of issues to have their innards carved out and replaced with stealth copies of Bloggers Wives but no... Tim is as pure as the driven snow.

I can't resist firing up Tim's little studio, his marvelous magical mouse organ, his kazoo and his swanee whistle. I just have to have a little stab at a special AFMIP composition and I aim for somewhere between Bert Bacharach, Elvis Costello and The Fountains of Wayne. Unfortunately my efforts sound more like a savage cross of the very early Beatles with Oasis. I press 'delete' as I hear someone coming up the stairs...

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