Monday, October 25, 2004

Hail To The Thief 

To keep you occupied until I get the chance to, you know, blog some more about stuff, here are three questions from The George W. Bush Quiz Book that we bought somewhere or other. You may confer.

1. How did George W. Bush make his fortune?

A. He “hit the big one” with a Texas oil well.
B. He got a huge advance for his campaign autobiography.
C. Having used various family connections to buy the Texas Rangers, and having wheedled $135million worth of corporate welfare out of the state, which levied a sales tax in order to build a new stadium for the team, he made almost $15 million on his original $606,000 investment when the team was sold.
D. Kickbacks from executioners.

2. Complete George W. Bush’s recollection of trying to build up his various oil businesses, which ranged from not particularly successful to failing (though somehow he always got bailed by his father’s buddies, who got to take huge write-offs): “I became totally __________ with hitting the big one.”

A. obsessed
B. consumed
C. preoccupied
D. inebriated

3. What happened when his mother took thirteen-year old George W. Bush and his friend Doug Hannah to play golf at her Houston Country club?

A. Young George W. got caught sneaking a beer.
B. The boys drove a golf cart into a water trap.
C. Young George W. got upset when he failed to tee off well and started screaming “Fuck this” after which his mother told him to go sit in the car.
D. The boys got caught killing frogs.

Answers in a comments box tomorrow.

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