Saturday, October 02, 2004

Here Comes The Flood Food 

That’s it. I’m in. Well, I’m in the kitchen and whoever was here has gone (for now). I’m going to try and see what they’ve been up to before they get back. The cupboards are open but the shelves are full. I can see tins and all sorts… asparagus, beans, chick peas, a packet of digestives, egg-noodles, fry-light, go-ahead bars, tinned ham…. Hang on. There’s something odd about this. It’s the most orderly food cupboard I’ve ever seen. I know Tim’s a tidy bugger, but this is ridiculous…

Chick Peas
Go-ahead bars

Someone’s put the groceries in alphabetical order. Is that weird or is that weird?

Turning round, an overflowing rubbish bin catches my eye. Out of character of Tim to go off on holiday without emptying the bins. Hang on, it’s full of CDs!!! I can see Kenny, The Rubettes, Mud, Rocky Sharpe and The Replays, Clive Dunn’s Grandad, Yessongs, Benny Hill’s Ernie, The Osmonds ‘The Plan’… I’m not sure that Tim’d admit to these CDs so it looks like someone’s done him a favour and cleared out everything from before 1979! He must have loved this stuff on the quiet and bought it all relatively recently… CDs didn’t come out until 1983 and even then you could only get Brothers in Arms.

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