Thursday, January 06, 2005

Big Muff 

Anybody can make a mistake.

The bloke in the corner’s name is Helen, she works for a consultancy firm which for blogging purposes I’m going to call Why Don’t You Mind Your Own Bloody Business Inc. and she’s here to make time and motion observations on our working practices.

I thought time and motion studies belonged in a bygone industrial era, or were at least the sort of thing they deployed in manufacturing industries - which is the same thing around here, I suppose - on car production lines and so forth.
Apparently not. They also study Unix system administrators who spend much of their time running round the car park in order to check their whereabouts on Global Positioning Systems, or reading blogs.
But I’m sure we’ll be OK, considering that our T&M inspector is usually to be found slumped face down in the Guardian or outside having a fag. I think.

There’s another one downstairs monitoring the help desk.
Goodness knows what they make of Neil, who begins all telephone conversations with a medley of songs from the shows and has lately taken to wearing not only muff boots, but matching muff jacket and trousers too. Think of a Womble with a laptop and you’ll be in the zone, or if you prefer, insert your own muff related punch line here.

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