Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A Forest 

Ash caused something of a stir this morning amongst the gentleman administrators by suggesting our company starts having duvet days.

“You know - if you can’t be bothered to come into work, you’re allowed to phone in to say you’re stopping in bed. They were going to be the next big thing.”

The gentleman administrators let out a collective sigh, and shuffled in their seats to adjust their own next big things. She’s rather foxy.

Meanwhile, Zippee’s obsessive desk tidying - how can a scruffy skateboard punk rocker be so immaculately tidy? - has shamed me into tidying up my area a bit.
Lost in a forest of paperwork and other assorted crap that Stella cascaded down to me, I found a crumpled post it note, with her handwriting on it:

“Tim? Drink problem???”

I’m intrigued. I might be a pompous vegetarian prick, but I’m not aware of having a drink problem. Does she mean me?

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