Friday, March 11, 2005

Pretty Good Year 

Email from Girlfriend:
10/03/2005 16:03

I can't see - I have got blurry eye.

But on the up side - everyone has now paid & the money is in the bank.

Reply to Girlfriend:
10/03/2005 16:11

Oh dear. Is it better yet? I'd say take the rest of the day off but its a
bit late for that now. Take tomorrow off instead.

I've had one of my all day headaches.
I just went out to buy sugar produce. Smarties - which I've shared out so
there's not actually many left, with a letter k on the lid - and fruit gums
by accident. I meant to buy fruit pastilles. I'm keeping them for myself.

Blimey. What good payer uppers.

Who’d have thought it? Not me. I’m still at it.

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