Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Sunshine Superman 

The post-coital glow radiating from Terry and Tabs is strong enough to make the colours on your monitor go wonky, and if you were thinking of printing a document and wanted something other than hieroglyphics, then you’ll need to ask them to leave the building first otherwise you can forget it Sunshine.

They are sickeningly happy. I’ve never seen a man so transformed as a result of regular shagging. Where previously he’d spend all his spare time in a darkened room with only a Java++ manual and a pile of half empty pizza boxes for company, he’s suddenly become Mr. Healthily Well Rounded.

Now he accompanies Tabs to the gym after work, and I even overheard him booking tickets to the theatre this morning. Not very Terry at all.
I instant messaged him saying “WTF?” but he just smiled at me like he was starring in a toothpaste commercial and my name was Halitosis.
I don’t doubt him for a moment when he says he enjoys his five daily portions, and he seems to be eating much better now as well.

Wasn’t it a beautiful weekend? On Sunday, me and Girlfriend walked amid limestone.

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