Wednesday, April 27, 2005

24 Hour Party People 

Job completed without hitches shocker.
It’s all in the preparation, you know. Which is just as well, because I’ve got shit for brains when it comes to having to think on the spot.
Tomorrow the user does some testing and I should get the all clear to go home again.

I’m bored with fancy hotel living. The waiter gives me that “Oh, you’re still here are you?” look when I present myself in his restaurant.
Still, it’s fertile ground for making up stories about the other guests.
I was very taken by the German in the obligatory leather waistcoat who oinked like a startled piglet when he laughed, which was virtually non-stop. I might use that.

It’s becoming all too clear how a man could easily turn into Alan Partridge and go wandering off to the 24 hour garage in a pathetic attempt to befriend the bloke behind the counter.
Perhaps it’s similar to the way that hypothermia victims become deranged with fevers, believing themselves to be burning up when the exact opposite is the case, abandoning their tents and their reason in the middle of the night and coming to sorry ends half naked in a frozen river in a desolate unforgiving landscape, millions of miles from the comforts of home and the safe, warm bosom of their family.

I watched The Apprentice and caught the last bit of Grand Designs before falling asleep with the radio on.

Dream 9
In my dream, there is a duck sitting on the sofa in my hotel room. I blink and it’s gone.

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