Thursday, April 21, 2005

Book Of Dreams 

Dream 2
In my dream there is a report on the evening news about military hardware. It discusses how modern equipment is frequently made with parts from the non-military sector.
“This mobile ground based rocket launcher,” the reporter tells us, “is made from spare Toyota parts.”

A uniformed army officer prepares a demonstration. The rocket is standing on an old wooden pallet, held in position with gaffer tape. It becomes apparent that they are filming in the rose gardens in Stanley Park, Blackpool.

The rocket is launched and wobbles precariously in flight.
The officer and film crew are so pre-occupied with recording the rocket launch that they are caught off guard when it crash lands only seconds later - with a thud and a cloud of black smoke - in the tennis courts, two hundred yards away.

There is a sound of muffled laughter from the film crew.
“Aah!” says the officer, grinning sheepishly. “Terribly sorry about that!”

Dream 3
In my dream, a group of hard looking Liverpudlian women is standing around discussing Dream 2.

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