Sunday, April 24, 2005

Book Of Dreams 

Dream 5
In my dream, Radiohead are eating Chinese takeaways in their rehearsal studio when a large dollop of bright red sweet and sour sauce drops down into Thom Yorke’s meal, as if from a leaking ceiling.

Thom carries on eating unperturbed.

Dream 6
In my dream, I have to attend an important meeting. Senior personnel from my company and the client company will be there, and I’m apprehensive as I may be asked to give a presentation.

As it happens, the meeting is exceptionally dull and most of the attendees pass the time reading newspapers.

Dream 7
In my dream, I’ve parked the car closer to the office than I normally would, because I need to drop off a ghetto blaster and some lighting equipment.
A woman tells me I can’t park there, but I’ve already cleared it with a security guard. They dispute the matter with some vigour. I wander off with the ghetto blaster, but get lost in the massive sprawling car park.

I wake up but soon drift off again, and I’m still walking round with the ghetto blaster.
I pass a mid-terrace sweet shop, like the ones you sometimes see near schools. They are running a promotion on some kind of jelly baby/wine gum hybrid, ‘with real wine!’. The alco-sweets are shaped not like jelly babies but nubile young men and women, and the posters show them in a number of lewd poses. They are being promoted as ‘sex sweets’ and I think about how inappropriate this is for a school sweet shop.
It also dawns on me that the statues on the front of Elbow’s Cast Of Thousands look a bit like jelly babies. Duh! - it’s obvious. Why have I never thought of this while awake?

I wake up, but in my next dream I’m still sodding wandering around lost with the ghetto blaster.
I bump into the guy who does Go Home Productions, and suggest that he could make a good mash up from Billy Bragg’s ‘Sexuality’ and any number of versions of ‘La Bamba’.

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