Thursday, April 07, 2005

Collective Dreamwish Of Upper Class Elegance 

Every year on Ladies Day at Aintree, Bill Surname CEO invites a dozen or so customer CEOs to a corporate schmooze in his hospitality tent. They spend the day guzzling champagne, exhibiting their trophy spouses, arranging to hot tub sometime, blowing a fortune on the horses and kidding themselves that they’re living the high life.

All the directors attend, and a couple of employees are asked to go along to be drinks assistants. In return for keeping everyone’s glasses full and helping the show run smoothly, you get a day away from the office and some spending money for the racing.
Needless to say I’ve never been invited, but apparently it’s a good laugh so long as you don’t mind having your arse pinched repeatedly.

This year’s golden couple are Company X’s very own Posh’n’Becks, Terry and Tabs.
They’re both dreading it. The notion of Terry being a smooth talking hospitality facilitator is preposterous, although I can imagine Tabs being great value after a few glasses of Confidence Builder 1997.
Somebody thought it would be funny to enter them into the Looking Good Style Contest. They’ve already got their numbers - that’s where I nicked the blurb from for the previous post - and they’re not looking forward to this much either.
Tabs scrubs up very nicely and I’m sure she’ll be gorgeous, but Terry - on a catwalk? The mind boggles.

It’s tomorrow. Stella’s bringing a telly in so we can wave if we see them, and Mike, who was born and bred in a branch of William Hill, is planning to turn the office into a betting shop.

My money’s on a promising young filly from County Cork who responds well to the whip and likes it when the going is firm.

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