Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Mirror In The Bathroom 

The mirrors in my hotel bathroom are configured in such a way as to allow you to check out your own butt, if you want to. And let’s face it, you do want to, don’t you?
You’re alone in a town where nobody knows you, and there’s nothing or nobody to stop you from observing yourself naked from front, side and rear elevations should you so choose. If you turn off the bathroom light but leave the one in the bedroom on, you can observe yourself in a rather sultry silhouette.
It’s only human nature, so don’t be down on yourself if you do this once in a while.
Obviously, if you’re doing this on a more regular basis, like daily, you should be ashamed of yourself and should seek counselling from a professional in the field.

Needless to say, coming face to face with my own arse put me in a pissy frame of mind all day.
It was as if I’d suddenly become 3-Dimensional, and I’m more of a 2-Dimensional kind of guy at heart. It was unsettling. How long have I had that double chin?

The job’s going alright though.

Dream 8
In my dream, I’m playing ‘bee golf’ with Sir Paul McCartney. Bee golf is the same as normal golf, except that you use a dead bee instead of a ball, and instead of a hole you have to play the dead bee onto a ten pence piece.
Neither of us are much good at this game, although Paul claims that back in the sixties he scored a hole in one against George Harrison, who himself was a good player.

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