Monday, April 18, 2005

My Book Of Dreams 

Dream 1.
In my dream I’m listening on the telephone to a recording of my former boss giving me some extensive advice just before I left to go and work for a different boss.
In real life, I never got on much with this boss, he never had that much to say to me in all the time I worked for him.
The advice goes on and on, and at the time I thought it was dull, but as I’m re-listening to it now in the dream, I’m thinking “This is good advice. I’m glad he took the time to tell me this. He didn’t have to do that.”

Of course, I can’t remember what any of it was.

Suddenly the scene changes to a church yard in Shropshire that I haven’t seen in over twenty years.
The boss is having a discussion with a scientist (a woman) about a new breed of bat/bird that has been seen nearby.
The bird excrement is highly toxic, bio-hazardous and poses a serious threat to humans.
One of the reasons to be alarmed is that the species of bat/bird is “Once wed, always wed.”
This is a scientific technical term, meaning that the bat/birds mate for life and with the same frequency years into their relationship that they did when they first began mating.

I wake up. It’s one o’clock. I write this down in my new Book Of Dreams. I’m unable to get back to sleep until at least after three o’clock. I hear the milkman making his delivery.

How can the scientist know about the mating behaviour of this animal years on into it’s relationship if it's a new breed?

I’ve no idea what this dream means.

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