Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A Rush Of Blood To The Head 

Nothing much beats receiving a food parcel from distant lands.

On Friday, a box turned up at our door containing:
two green tea flavoured Kit Kats
a passion fruit Kit Kat
a white Kit Kat
adzuki-bean and milk chocolate mushrooms

and a paper cup urging me to “Have a break time! hot drink tea coffee support your thirsty”

It came from my friend Toki. We used to work together.
Over the years we sat in many a drizzly car park on the dark perimeter of some God forsaken industrial town, solemnly munching sandwiches and making snidey remarks about salesmen. We’d discuss logical volume management and wonder if better times were around the corner.
He was my pre-Diana lunch buddy, but considerably less pretty.

Last year Toki had a rush of blood to the head and landed himself a job in Tokyo. Now he sends me emails chock full of entertaining observations on life in Japan - slightly Douglas Coupland-ish to my mind - and I’ve been mithering him to start a blog.

He’s finally got round to it.
He’s gone for one of those minimalist concept blogs, publishing photos of odd Japanese foodstuffs and places he’s been, but not actually writing much.
I like it, but can't help thinking it's a bit of a shame, considering he’s funny, eloquent and sitting on an absolute blogging goldmine.
I’ve broken Unspoken Rule Number One by saying I wish he’d change the way he blogs, that it should be more like his emails.
I dunno, maybe I shouldn’t have. We’ll see. I’m hoping he’ll guest blog for me here sometime.

In the meantime, please would you pop over to Our Man In Tokyo, say hello and politely ask him to pull his finger out.

Me and Girlfriend tried a green tea flavoured Kit Kat on Sunday, during a break from sitting in the mud pulling up weeds. It was nice, a bit like Caramac.
Please don’t anybody spoil it for me by saying you can get them from Sainsburys.

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