Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Book Of Dreams 

Dream 10
In my dream, I’m asleep in bed, at home, having a dream. Yeah yeah, I know - it’s a bit “meta”. Sorry about that.

I can feel a weight pressing down on the mattress and realise it’s my Mum sitting on the edge of the bed. After a while I hear a thud, and feel the mattress returning to it’s normal position. The thud was the sound of my Mum collapsing to the floor, presumably dead.

I wake with a start, and it takes quite a few moments to register that what just happened did not actually happen.
There was no dialogue and no ‘action’ to speak of, but the sensation of the weight pressing on the mattress then being released and the sound of the thud to the floor seemed all too real. It was pretty unsettling.

The next day I phone my Mum to ask if she has, you know, dropped dead or anything recently. She is fine.

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