Friday, May 06, 2005

Find The River 

What a brilliant weekend.

We played hide and seek and ran through the woods in the dark.

We did that thing where four people press on someone’s head and make them ‘levitate’ - ie. make them considerably easier to lift up than if we hadn‘t pressed down on them first. We did it with just one person, then two people sitting on a sofa. We tried to do it with three people sitting on a sofa but couldn’t lift them. We tried to levitate a car as well and but we couldn’t manage that either, which I thought was surprising.
Girlfriend did hers in the style of the Death Of Chatterton.
Actually, you don’t have to press down on their heads at all. Just pressing down on anything will do the trick. I reckon it’s got something to do with adrenaline rushes allowing you to tap into strength you wouldn‘t otherwise have access to. And nothing to do with - as one or two suspected - fucking about with Dark Forces. But I do have a history when it comes to being wrong about stuff.

We stopped up talking until 3 most nights. Twice, me, Girlfriend and Leanne stayed up talking until after it got light so we could see foxes (Girlfriend only) and deer (all of us) in the grounds. I’ve never drank vodka until 6.00 am before, but I have now.

We tried scrumming but other than being funny, it wasn’t a big success.

We lay on the drive stargazing and saw a shooting star.

We made a procession through the woods one night singing Mull Of Kintyre.

We threw apples at trees and sat on logs.

We sang a lot. My rendition of Oops I Did It Again has to be heard to be believed. I never realised what a beautiful and elegiac song Find The River is until I sat down and learned it. I’d let people strum while I did the left hand bit, and you wouldn’t believe the smiles it put on their faces.

Doing a Ouija board was vetoed - everybody had one veto; I used mine for not selling Girlfriend into slavery, sort of - though Ouija boards hold no fear me, no sir. We used to do them at school, using them as a kind of Google from beyond the grave; all I ever learned was that I wasn't going to marry Natasha Black, which has so far turned out to be true. But we did watch a not all that scary film then re-enacted it later.
We talked about things that are frightening and played the Would You Rather game. My favourite Would You Rather was when somebody said “Would you rather see a ghost than go through all your life not knowing whether or not they exist?” I’d rather see a ghost, so long as it didn’t scare me shitless.

We hung out on the gallery looking down into the living room. Hanging out on the gallery was ace.

We went for walks, and me and Girlfriend cycled and swam in the pool.

One of the group popped out for ten minutes and didn’t come back for four hours, which had us kind of worried and wondering at what point do you call the police to report a missing person, but we went to the pub instead and watched a carnival procession and hoped it would all work out OK which it did, so that was alright then.

I taught the nicest man in the world to juggle.

We did the tequila thing.

I never thought it possible to have so much fun for so long. When everybody left to go back to work and me and Girlfriend stayed on for a few days on our own, I felt genuinely sad like I haven’t felt sad since the days before me and Girlfriend shacked up together and had to say goodbye when the weekend was over.
She’s really lucky to have such ace colleagues / friends and nobody can wait to do all it again.

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