Thursday, May 26, 2005

(I don't do titles) 

In my dream I am flying.

I’ve had the same dream for years and years and years. Sometimes I suspect it is not a dream at all, and I am just imagining things.

I am flying, because I have basically spent the past thirty years developing spaceships. This started when I was very young, my first creation being inspired by the Peason-Molesworth Spaceship – basically a sort of wooden go-cart with a fin at the back.

My designs have never got past the drawing board. Slightly later in life I decided that I had better develop an engine of some description, so I did this. It was easy. I don’t know why Boeing and Nasa and people make such a fuss about it. I had four engines, one on each corner of the ship, facing downwards. The pilot filled them with petrol then pressed a button to ignite a spark which would fire that engine, the force sending the ship upwards.

It was tricky to control, as the pilot had to keep refilling each corner engine with petrol, and pressing the button again. Thinking about it, I never really planned where the petrol would be kept.

My designs developed over the years, a bit like the Cortina. The next breakthrough was an engine that you didn’t have to keep refilling. This was a major step forward, and flying was more relaxing. The space ship (I think it was the Mark 5 by this point) was now looking much more like a space ship, and was pointy and enclosed.

And the interior was basically a big bed.

Anyway, so I fly around in this at night. Often, I just get off the ground and that’s all I remember. But sometimes I visit my space station.

My space station is a sort of big apple-core shaped thing that orbits Jupiter. I can't remember how I got it there, but I can pilot my space ship right in through a door in the roof.

Recently I have been experimenting with different propulsion devices – mainly a sort of antigravity shield. It doesn’t actually provide any lift, but anything above it is immune from the effects of gravity, so far less force is required from the engines themselves.

I’m very excited about this development as it provides a far smoother ride.

By JonnyB

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