Sunday, May 29, 2005


In my dream, my heart is racing. Not figuratively, but literally. A doctor has been called in. He thinks I have the same hidden heart defect that killed my father.

As we sit there, it starts happening again. I try to will myself to be calm, but my heartbeat speeds up until it is at least twice the normal rate. After the episode is over, the doctor tells me to keep an eye on it and cuts me loose.

Later in the night I dream that I am keeping pigs and that one of them has gotten loose. In the imaginary version of my town, there is an actual little downtown with lots of businesses, not just a meat-and-three and a corner store. I am driving around looking for the pig and I spot it as I pass my house. But then I miss the driveway and have to turn around in a driveway downtown. It is a major hassle and by the time I get back to my driveway, I can't see the pig anymore.

I wake up, appropriately enough, with my heart pounding.

[by Jamie]

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