Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Seedy Mind 

In my dream, I am getting ready to go somewhere and I can see my reflection in the mirror. Instead of hair, I have leaves growing out of my head. Long stems of leaves, like the leaves from a climbing plant. At the front of my parting, near my forehead, a stubborn flower stem will not stay tucked behind my ear. I know it is a lily, even though it has not bloomed yet.

I try fixing it down with hair clips, but it persists in sticking up. Suddenly, the petals open. It is a beautiful white lily flower with big buds of pollen in its centre. I am conscious that if any of the pollen spills, it will stain my clothes. I make an attempt at putting my coat on without tilting my head.

My sister comes into my room wearing her coat. "Are you nearly ready?" she says. She sees me struggling with my coat and helps me get my arms through the sleeves. "Do I look alright?" I ask her. She tells me I look fine. The leaves fall about my shoulders, and I notice some of the stems are ridden with small tiny black insect eggs. I try to flick them off, but they are stuck down tightly and won't budge.

"Don't do that," my sister says, "They look like they're about to hatch."

[by Jezebel]

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