Sunday, July 31, 2005

My Book Of Dreams 

Dream 12
In my dream I’m being awarded a medal by Prince Charles.
There are quite a few of us, and we’re standing in rows like soldiers on a parade ground.
There are several awardees on the first and third rows, but I’m alone on the second row, standing at the far end from where Prince Charles is. I wave a bit too enthusiastically to catch his attention.

I’m given my medal and, like all the other awardees, receive a tuna sandwich to go with it. I explain that I gave the organisers plenty of prior notice that I’m a vegetarian, and I want my vegetarian sandwich, thank you very much.
Charles says that I have to accept what I’m given, but I reply that if he’s not prepared to listen to me or respect my wishes - I don’t eat tuna sandwiches! - then it makes the whole ceremony meaningless, an empty gesture.
We quarrel about this for some time, but it’s obvious there aren’t any vegetarian sandwiches anyway, so I might as well take the sodding tuna sandwich and pass it on to Girlfriend later.

Afterwards, I realise it would have made a better news story if I’d refused to accept the sandwich at all - “Lancashire Man Refuses Sandwich From Prince Charles!” - and feel like I’ve let myself and other vegetarians down in this respect.
I have no idea what I’d done to deserve the award in the first place.

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