Sunday, August 07, 2005

Blackbird Singing In The Dead Of Night 

“I came on the train backwards, and I feel a bit funny,” I said.
So I bought one of those very silly vodka sticks and waited for my stomach to settle down for the evening, and when they turned the music up so loud nobody could hear anybody else we went somewhere else instead, a small crowd of us.
Juggling Protégé allowed some of his orbits to crossover, Charlie talked bikes, Girlfriend mingled confidently, Future Canoeing Instructor made me down shots of Sambuca again at the bar and a date has been set. We all had a good time.

Every straight man who ever went on a diet hopes that his efforts will be noted and commented on by sexy women. Charlie mentioned it to Girlfriend at the Josh Rouse gig, and on Friday Leanne said that I’d lost weight, and I said thank you for noticing, yes I have. She also said that she liked my shirt.
As the evening passed she mentioned it several more times. By her own admission, she was quite drunk.

It was surprising and vaguely exciting to realise that Leanne was flirting with me. It could be a bit of a nuisance if she’s going to make a habit of it, which I somehow doubt she will, but for the time being I’m not complaining. If I flirted back, which I may well have, I hope it wasn’t too excruciating or anything.

On Saturday me and Girlfriend tried to distance ourselves from our hangovers by taking my Mum out to pat some pigs. They’re the new chickens, don’t you know. I bought Girlfriend a blackbird.

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