Thursday, September 08, 2005

And He Talks Of People Ten Years Gone Like I've Known Them All My Life, Like Scattered Black 'n' Whites 

I come back here from time to time, I shelter here some days.

It was exam results for some of us today - not me, thank goodness. Some passed, which was great of course, but not everybody, and that was - hey! - like, you know, horribly sad. What more to say?

The morning was spent mooching around, packing up, finishing off ice cream and hitting me baby one more time before travelling home in convoy. We stopped off at Bolton Abbey, by way of trying to prolong the rest of the holiday as much as possible.
It’s a lovely place and we walked across stepping stones and skimmed pebbles in the river.
Ducks surveyed our every move. We knew that they knew that we knew they were up something. We think they knew it too. They’re a lot smarter than they let on, ducks.

There was hugging, then me and Girlfriend went to see Elbow at the Ritz in Manchester.
They were just wonderful, beyond wonderful for such a bunch of big hairy lumps, and it was great to see them playing a small-ish venue. We paid absurdly over the odds for two cans of scooty pop and I made silly little movies just because I could.

Outside, the rain poured down by the coach load.

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