Monday, September 05, 2005

Cold Water 

We went for a stroll round Fountains Abbey. It was the first day that everybody was completely awake and it was great. Proper relaxing.

In Pateley Bridge we picked up some stuff for a picnic from my new favourite grocers shop - “Hi John. How are your crabs?” - then ran about like excited ten year olds at Brimham Rocks. It’s a brilliant place. Everywhere you look there are huge, precarious boulders, left behind squillions of years ago by forgetful glaciers, their loss being our gain, and you can scramble about to your heart’s content. It’s so peaceful and the views are amazing. We could happily have stuck around to watch the sunset and stargaze but we were wary of sending out the wrong signals to doggers, and more importantly, hungry.

Charlie and Juggling Protégé made Jambalaya with Masala Potatoes. Neither of them had ever cooked a meal before - rehearsals excepted - and it was great.
My friend Steve - my own friend! etc! - returned again because he’d left his shoes at the house when he’d hurried off to his 10K on Sunday morning. Everybody was really pleased to see him, damn it.

We improved on the water bomb game by having two teams of two. You get a bigger target that way, duh. That’s me in the stirrups, as REM once sang, and this is Leanne and Juggling Protégé taking a direct hit.
I changed into my third pair of underpants for the day and we played Twister - “Take the board! Take the board!” - while I wondered about combining Twister with water bombs.

Charlie tested our knowledge on films:
1. “Man wants to dance. They won’t let him. Dances anyway.”
2. “He wears a white suit and carries a woman.”
and television game shows:
3. “It went old fat lady. Young lady. Old fat man. Young man.”

She says that when you die, they take you away, put you in a fridge and call you Mavis.

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