Saturday, September 03, 2005

Day Sleeper 

Nobody slept very well. The house is by the side of an impressively busy main road, something the brochure strangely forgot to mention.

After a morning of skulking around in our pyjamas in a vaguely bad tempered manner - well, not exactly bad tempered, as such, but I certainly didn’t see anybody skipping - we trudged a mile down the busy main road to the pub for a bit of peace and quiet and some Wales v. England. They didn’t have Sky. We sat in a lovely beer garden, gazing in wonder at the view and considering our options. A petrol station on the opposite side of the roundabout provided a pleasing focal point, but buying a paper nearly cost Juggling Protégé more than he bargained for.

We went to Thirsk instead. It’s a lovely town and we found a nice pub that didn’t have Sky either, but once we’d satisfied the landlord that we didn’t work for Sky, they did. The racing crowds had been in earlier - good for takings but very trying on the patience, apparently - and he seemed glad for a bit of a lock in. The football wasn’t much good but the atmosphere was friendly enough.

It was warm so we had a barbecue when we got back and flares were lit. We played Jenga and everyone laughed when I demonstrated my water bomb launcher. I didn’t know my own strength.

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